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We offer an economical range of state-of-the-art LED luminaires that are ideal for the like-for-like replacement of all traditional lighting sources as well as new installations. Our products are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern customer by providing an increased quality of lighting, substantial energy savings and a longer life span. Our range is simple to install and needs little maintenance. We are supported by the technical competence and experience of Zumtobel Group, making us the number one choice for economical LED lighting solutions.

The THORNeco family includes the following products:

Amy Vario, Anna VarioBorisElsa, Emma, Fred, HollyJulie, Lara, Lena VarioLeo, Leonie, LilyLucy, Mary, Poppy, Rosy, RoxyTom Vario, Zoe Vario as well as Just Emergency.

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