Data Sheet

The SENSA MRE DDP HIBAY recessed PIR Presence/Absence Detector provides automatic control (on/off switching and dimming) of lighting loads, with optional manual control. It can be used on DSI/DALI digital dimming ballasts over 1 or 2 channels (1 dimming + 1 switching). The dimming channel of the detector can be used to control the light output of luminaires that are fitted with dimming ballasts. The detector measures the overall light level in the detection area and calculates the correct output for the luminaires, to achieve a pre-set lux level (maintained illuminance). The switching channel of the detector can either be used to isolate the supply to the dimming ballasts (saving on the standby current of the ballasts) or to switch a separate channel of standard, non-dimming luminaires.An integral sensitivity adjustment allows the detector to be fine-tuned to its environment. This detector allows flush mounting into a ceiling tile, or surface mounting using a detector back box.The SWITCHLITE MRE SLD HIBAY detector is suitable for HiBay application up to 17 metres.

  • CE
  • Hfree
  • IP44
  • SC2 - Protection Class 2