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MovU PIR Post Top

  • MovU PIR Post Top
  • MovU PIR Post Top

High performance PIR motion detection for pedestrians, cyclists and slow cars to maximise energy savings and safety

  • Combined with an LED luminaire dimmed to 20%, when motion is detected, the luminaire switches to 100%, ensuring maximum security
  • Highly sensitive infrared sensor detects the invisible heat emitted from moving objects up to 20m
  • Easy to mount and orientate on 60mm poles up to 4m high
  • Proven technology implemented on numerous projects over several years

Materials and Finish

Sensor: die cast aluminium (AS 13) housing (EN AC-44300), powder coated in silver grey with any RAL colour on request.
Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Decorative coordinated column (France) : galvanised steel painted in light grey.

Installation and Mounting

To be post top mounted at 3 to 4m high on a pole x 100mm, external spigot (with luminaire): 60mm x 80mm. Compatible with all LED luminaires with spigot height <85mm (position of the fixation screws). Pre-cabled with 4m CSA 4x1mm², connection with
lantern at the bottom of the pole. In a master/slave new installation (pilot line or RF), we recommend the use of two pole heights to maintain the same height between lighting points. The column of the slave should be 400mm higher than the master. For
existing installations, be aware that the master will be 400mm higher than the slaves, which is percievable when spacings are below 20m. Coordinated decorative columns exist as standard.


To specify state:
Outdoor PIR device to be post top mounted on a 3 or 4m column with a 60mm spigot. Orientable in any direction combined with IP66 LED luminaires programmed in a corridor mode to detect pedestrians, cyclists or slow cars below 30km/h at 4 to 20m.
As Thorn MovU PIR Post Top.

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