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  • UrbaSens

An outdoor lighting control system that allows remote management of the entire lighting infrastructure of a municipality

  • Lighting control: Switching and dimming individually and in overlapping groups. Based on time, astronomic clock information, events. Based on movement sensor information. "Train of Light"
  • System monitoring: Web based user interface. Collecting data from the system (lamps, drivers, controllers). Failure identification. Energy calculation. Sensor information.
  • Energy and CO2 saving: Energy saving up to 75% compared to luminaires without control functions
  • Maintenance cost saving: Remote access to the complete system and it's status. No "Night Patrols" needed. Exact failure knowledge. Concentrating the maintenance issues.
  • Flexible lighting system: Adaptable for special city events. Adaptable during street construction works. Emergency mode.
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Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
RF-Controller E0.3596628009
RF-Controller PIR E0.2096628011
RF-Controller ZG M0.1596632785
RF-Gateway SIMC ETH E2.1596628013