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UrbaSens Play

  • UrbaSens Play
  • UrbaSens Play

A local wireless control system for sports application such as training field and multi-use games areas

  • Lighting controls: Capable of using several scenes to create the required lighting level and conditions for any sports event. Dimming of the whole field or create sub-field lighting conditions.
  • Mobile control: Directly accessible and controlled via a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone using 4Remote BT APP. Using TRIDONIC BasicDIM Wireless OTD technology, get the best of this eco-system.
  • Luminaire compatibility: Directly mountable on any Zhaga-D4i luminaire or via a dedicated Zhaga Retrofit Box for luminaires such as THORN ALTIS G5.
  • Wireless network: Up to 250 nodes and up to 100m of wireless range. No daylight or motion control.
  • Commissioning: No dedicated tool or mobile app required - commissioning takes a minimum amount of time.
  • Zhaga Retrofit Box: available with two mounting options - Wall or Mast - with all required accessories. Up to 8 physical DALI drivers and up to 4 logical groups of DALI drivers.
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UrbaSens Play

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
RF-Controller ZG bDW0.0896636993
ZG RETROFIT BOX M1.1596684001
ZG RETROFIT BOX W1.1596684002