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  • Equaline

Equaline´s flexible and modular system lets you create the right solution to fit any space

  • Rectangular shape provides a functional profile without dominating the architecture
  • Easy recessed installation into plasterboard and modular ceilings as well as simple suspended and surface mounted installation, even in and on the wall
  • Equaline keeps things simple for electricians and contractors due to its undemanding setup
  • Powder coated aluminium body brings high quality elegant look
  • Cover in opal (PM) for diffuse and LRO for norm compliant (UGR<19) lighting
  • Non-dimmable (HF) and DALI dimmable (HFIX)
  • Emergency lighting with a 3 hours self-contained battery
  • To build up your Equaline system please use the configurator by clicking on "go to myProduct Equaline"

Materials and Finish

Body: extruded aluminium with powder coated finish
Cover: opal (PM) / LRO
End-cap: aluminium with powder coated finish

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for recessed, surface or suspended mounting. Optional installation kits are needed for recessed installation, springs for surface mounted installation or a suspension kit for suspended installation. Electrical feed in from the back of the luminaire with terminal block on LED-batten. Electrical connection between the LED-battens is done via simple connection with the through wiring set and the mechanical connection with metal connector inside the channel. Possible arrangement in lines as well with corners in L, U and square shapes with opal (PM) cover, LRO only in linear lines.


To specify state:
A flexible LED lightline with aluminium body and opal (PM) and LRO diffuser. Lengths of 600, 1200 and 1800 mm for single luminaire in modular ceilings as well as 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 and 3000 mm for recessed plasterboard, recessed modular, surface mounted and suspended installation. Corner length are 541 (frameless), 546 (Slim Frame - FS) and 553 mm (Wide Frame - F). Efficiency up to 92 lm/W. Can be individual or continuous mounted. Provides lumen package of up to 1760 lm/m.
As Thorn Equaline.

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Equaline Channel, frameless

Equaline Channel, frameless, corner

Equaline Channel, standard frame

Equaline Channel, standard frame, corner

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
EQL CL C L553 PM WH FLED2.2096631962
EQL CL C L803 PM WH FLED3.2096633619

Equaline Channel, slim frame

Equaline Channel, slim frame, corner

Equaline Batten

Equaline Batten, corner

Equaline Batten, dimmable

Equaline Batten, dimmable, corner

Equaline Batten, dimmable, emergency

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
EQL B 830 HFIX L1500 E3D2.2096631964
EQL B 840 HFIX L1500 E3D2.2096631966

Equaline Accessories

Equaline Installation accessories, recessed plasterboard and modular

Equaline Installation accessories, surface and suspended