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PopPack LED batten

  • LED one for one replacement for single and twin T8/T5 fluorescent battens
  • Up to 153lm/W - exceeding building regulation requirements
  • Optional screws can be added to end caps to lock the housing to ensure increased security
  • Additional savings can be achieved via DALI control and an integral PIR sensor.

Materials and Finish

Batten: pre-coated roll form steel, white (RAL9016)
End caps/lamp holders: injection moulded polycarbonate, white
Diffuser: textured opal acrylic

Installation and Mounting

1 or 2 x (3 x 2 x 2.5mm²) terminal blocks with capacity for loop in/out 2.5mm² cables. Ambient temperature: -20 to +25°C for the standard product, 0 to 25°C for the emergency versions, normal, dry, indoor atmospheres. Suitable for direct surface mounting, BESA mounting or wire suspension. Easy alignment through slots in the spine. Optional screws can be added to end caps to lock the housing.


To specify state:
LED batten with a detachable LED engine. Switchable or DALI ballast, integral emergency and sensor versions available.
As Thorn PopPack LED

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