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Areaflood Pro 2

  • Areaflood Pro 2
  • Areaflood Pro 2
  • Areaflood Pro 2
  • Areaflood Pro 2
  • Areaflood Pro 2

Application versatile floodlight luminaire with best in class optical performance and connectivity solutions

  • Full package product family of five luminaire sizes offering between 4,000 - 100,000 lumen outputs
  • Integrating THORN's in-house designed and developed optic portfolio. Offering a total of 21 different light distributions covering area, road and sports applications
  • Protecting Dark Skies and the nighttime environment, Areaflood Pro is available with THORN's Balanced White technology
  • Designed with Dark Sky principals to limit light pollution, with 0 cd at 90° when mounted horizontally. Coupled with an accessory portfolio to further control light spill and light tresspass
  • Improving sustainability by managing energy consumption, Areaflood Pro is compatible with THORN's UrbaSens connectivity solutions for Outdoor lighting applications
  • Maintenance free solution. Product lifetime up to 100,000HR L95
  • 6kV as standard (integrated in the driver)
  • 10kV optional (additional device - specify using myProduct)

Materials and Finish

Luminaire body manufactured in die-cast aluminium EN AC-44300
Robust solution with excellent corrosion resistance of C5 according to ISO 9223:2012
Finished in light grey (close to RAL9006) with an additional 50 RAL finishes available on request
Toughened Glass
High mechanical resistance of IK08 and IP66
Optional special surface treatment for installation in swimming pool applications can be specified using myProduct configurator

Installation and Mounting

Versatile adjustable surface mounting stirrup bracket to suit application demands, for wall, floor or column mounting
Optional spigot adapter accessory for post top mounting applications for Small, Medium and Large sizes (not double sizes)


To specify state:
Family of versatile floodlights for area, road and sports lighting applications
Available in Electrical Class I and Class II
Zhaga Up and Zhaga Down sockets available
Integral NEMA and photocell available
DALI dimmable on-board driver variants
Bi-power Line and Light Reduction Twin Phase variants
Built in surge protection, with additional surge protection option available
CCT: 727 / 827 / 730 / 830 / 740 / 840 / 757 / 857
CCT: 957 TLCI 86 / 957 TLCI 90 for performance television broadcasting applications
Balanced white: CCT range 827 - 857

As Thorn Areaflood Pro 2

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Areaflood Pro 2, Small

Areaflood Pro 2, Medium

Areaflood Pro 2, Large

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AFP2 L 108L35-740 A4 CL1 GY10919677LED12.5196635918
AFP2 L 108L35-740 A4 CL2 GY10919677LED12.5196635888
AFP2 L 108L50-740 A4 CL1 GY15726967LED12.5196635919
AFP2 L 108L50-740 A4 CL2 GY15726967LED12.5196635889
AFP2 L 108L70-740 A4 CL1 GY22535860LED12.9896635920
AFP2 L 108L70-740 A4 CL2 GY22535860LED12.9896635890
AFP2 L 120L35-740 A4 CL1 GY12221845LED12.5796635921
AFP2 L 120L35-740 A4 CL2 GY12221845LED12.5796635891
AFP2 L 120L50-740 A4 CL1 GY17429902LED12.8196635922
AFP2 L 120L50-740 A4 CL2 GY17429902LED12.8196635892
AFP2 L 120L70-740 A4 CL1 GY25039687LED13.2896635923
AFP2 L 120L70-740 A4 CL2 GY25039687LED13.2896635893
AFP2 L 144L35-740 A4 CL1 GY15126147LED13.4096635924
AFP2 L 144L35-740 A4 CL2 GY15126147LED13.4096635894
AFP2 L 144L50-740 A4 CL1 GY21335727LED13.4096635925
AFP2 L 144L50-740 A4 CL2 GY21335727LED13.4096635895
AFP2 L 144L70 740 A4 H CLO BS 3525 SP ->29848099LED14.1892998081
AFP2 L 144L70 740 A5 H CLO BS 3525 SP ->29847016LED14.1892998080
AFP2 L 144L70 740 AI6 CL2 GY29846035LED13.4892994735
AFP2 L 144L70-740 A4 CL1 GY29847222LED13.4896635926
AFP2 L 144L70-740 A4 CL2 GY29847222LED13.4896635896
AFP2 L 144L80-740 A4 CL1 GY33752026LED13.9096635927
AFP2 L 144L80-740 A4 CL2 GY33752026LED13.9096635897

Areaflood Pro 2, Medium double

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AFP2 2M 192L50-740 A4 CL1 GY23147689LED23.0696636356
AFP2 2M 192L50-740 A4 CL2 GY23147689LED23.3696636355
AFP2 2M 192L70-740 A4 CL1 GY39263236LED23.4896635928
AFP2 2M 192L70-740 A4 CL2 GY39263236LED23.7896635898
AFP2 2M 192L85-740 A4 CL1 GY48372987LED24.4596635929

Areaflood Pro 2, Large double

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AFP2 2L 216L50-740 A4 CL1 GY31253823LED28.1096636357
AFP2 2L 216L70-740 A4 CL1 GY44471436LED28.7496635930
AFP2 2L 288L50-740 A4 CL1 GY41271208LED28.4696636358
AFP2 2L 288L70-740 A4 CL1 GY58594019LED29.1096635931
AFP2 2L 288L75-740 A4 CL1 GY63898512LED29.2296635932

Areaflood Pro 2, accessories