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A series of circular recessed drive-over luminaires

  • Sealed to IP67 with die-cast aluminium body. Wide choice of sizes, frames, mounting depths, light sources and control technologies to suit application
  • Tilting angle adjustment for semi-frosted glass versions (except for asymmetrical light distributions A/S)
  • Integral power supplies. All versions are pre-wired with resined cables for improved waterproofness and speed of installation

Materials and Finish

Bodies: die-cast aluminium, ENAB44100 (copper free) with powdered paint finish for high corrosion resistance.
Frame: Stainless steel AISI 316L (3mm thick) treated against corrosion or painted aluminium ENAB44100 (copper free).
Standard corrosion class: C3.
Retaining screws: stainless steel
Front glass: toughened semi-frosted.
Glass thicknesses:
Mica Slim A and Mica Slim I: 19mm with stainless steel frame and 15mm with painted aluminium.
Mica Slim S: 15mm with stainless steel frame and 12mm with painted aluminium ENAB44100 (copper free).
Mica Slim SS: 12mm with stainless steel frame and 10mm with painted aluminium ENAB44100 (copper free).
Gasket: anti-ageing silicon.
Recessing box: polypropylene.
Cable: (H07RN-F 3x1,5mm²) min. 0.4m long for all sizes.
Dome window attachments: painted aluminium ENAB44100 for Mica Slim SS versions only..
Anti-slip glass on request.
Holographic films: non-yellowing polycarbonate.
All versions have integral power supply but not dimmable.

Installation and Mounting

Luminaire delivered complete with body, recessed box, frame and glass. All versions are pre-wired.
For outdoor applications, 30cm drainage gravel or any equivalent drainage system must be used beneath the housing to ensure water evacuation. The recessed box can be embedded in asphalt with good drainage once the temperature of the asphalt is approximately 80°C.
Luminaire must be operated for 45 minutes without its front glass to avoid moisture build-up inside the housing.
Mica Slim can be installed in areas with a maximum low speed of 30km/hr for the flat versions and 20km/hr for the dome versions.
To facilitate quick installation, the wiring can be done via IP68 wiring connectors (SAP codes 96260810, 96260809, 96272068 and 60800549). For through wiring, IP67 connection boxes can be used (SAP codes 96257909 and 96257908).
All versions have integral power supply.
In accordance to the norm EN60598-2-13, the maximum static load is 5000kg for flat glass with stainless steel frame, 3500kg for flat glass with aluminium frame.
Colour change RGB lighting technology available in Mica Slim I. For RGB versions, LEDs are driven by DMX control (not supplied).
Holographic film set up: open the front glass and insert the holographic film under the glass, with the smooth side of the film in contact with the glass. Rotate the film to obtain the required effect.


To specify state:
Round recessed, drive-over luminaires with integral transformer, 4 sizes. Polypropylene recessed box and flat stainless steel/flat or dome windows painted aluminium frames. Die cast aluminium body sealed to IP67. With a choice of 3 monochromatic colours, dynamic RGB versions for Mica Slim I driven by DMX driver (included). Other DMX components ordered separately.
For ground installation with front part-frosted flat glass enclosure for illumination or frosted glass/frosted glass/dome windows for guidance.
As Thorn Mica Slim.

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