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Road and street lantern combining advanced performance with a modern and timeless styling

  • IP66 seal ensures long life of components and through life performance
  • Features for fast maintenance and installation, plus 'twist and lock' hinge for easy access to components
  • Choice of fixings for post-top, side entry or catenary mounting

Materials and Finish

Body: aluminium powder coated NCS0500 (White)
Spigot: corrosion protected steel
Enclosure: 4mm clear toughened glass
Screws and clips: stainless steel
(EN AC-44300).
Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.

Installation and Mounting

Mounting spigot of female 3/4" pipe thread type (for Ø27G male threaded tube). Large choice of fixings for post-top, side entry or catenary (see Columns section of the catalogue). Cable gland for Ø6mm to Ø13mm cable. Access from below to gear and optic system after quick release of the hinged glass enclosure via 'twist and lock' design. Automatic disconnection of the electrical mains when opening. Mounting plate with optics and control gear has hinge suspension and stays attached when released. Tool free connection to 2x2.5mm² terminal. Complete with wired 8m (W8) or 10m (W10) cable.


To specify state:
Full IP66 aluminium road and street lighting luminaire in two sizes. For 26W to 250W lamps and 1500lm to 10000lm LED modules. Female spigot mounting onto Ø27G tube. Automatic disconnection at opening and tool free access to optic and gear tray. With options for electronic gears, dimming and lighting management system.
As Thorn Victor.

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Victor, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
VIC1 12L105-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006425587LED4.8196635789
VIC1 12L35-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->152135LED5.5096276859
VIC1 12L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006152135LED4.7596635786
VIC1 12L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->202946LED5.5096276860
VIC1 12L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006202946LED4.8196635787
VIC1 12L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->283969LED5.5096276861
VIC1 12L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006283969LED4.8196635788
VIC1 24L105-740 NR CL2 N8M R90067910890LED4.9396635793
VIC1 24L35-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->274251LED5.5096276863
VIC1 24L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006274251LED4.8496635790
VIC1 24L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->385849LED5.5096276864
VIC1 24L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006385849LED4.8496635791
VIC1 24L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->527834LED5.5096276865
VIC1 24L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006527834LED4.8696635792
VIC1 36L35-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->386344LED5.5096276867
VIC1 36L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006386344LED4.8996635794
VIC1 36L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->548694LED5.5096276868
VIC1 36L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006548694LED4.8996635795
VIC1 36L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->7611576LED5.5096276869
VIC1 36L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R90067611576LED5.1896635796
VIC2 48L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R9006508465LED8.4296635797
VIC2 48L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->7211615LED9.7096276871
VIC2 48L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R90067211615LED8.4296635798
VIC2 48L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->10215474LED9.7096276872
VIC2 48L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R900610215474LED8.6496635799
VIC2 60L35-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->6210565LED9.7096276873
VIC2 60L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R90066210565LED8.6896635800
VIC2 60L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->8914461LED9.7096276874
VIC2 60L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R90068914461LED8.6896635801
VIC2 60L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->12719219LED9.7096276875
VIC2 60L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R900612719219LED8.6896635802
VIC2 72L35-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->7512656LED9.7096276876
VIC2 72L35-740 NR CL2 N8M R90067512656LED8.7196635803
VIC2 72L50-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->10817297LED9.7096276877
VIC2 72L50-740 NR CL2 N8M R900610817297LED8.7196635804
VIC2 72L70-740 NR BP 3550 HFX CL2 ->15222903LED9.7096276878
VIC2 72L70-740 NR CL2 N8M R900615222903LED8.9596635805

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