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Altis Gen4

  • Altis Gen4
  • Altis Gen4

High power LED floodlight for sports (from high tier down to recreational fields) and area lighting applications

  • BEST-IN-CLASS LIGHT QUALITY for sports and area lighting, from horizontal for reduced obtrusive light
  • Optical flexibility and modular construction enabling various combinations of optics, including the possibility to tilt each single LED module to minimise the number of luminaires and optimize the windage.
  • Superior performance thanks to a compact gearbox installed in every condition (back of the luminaire up to 200 m remotely), providing the highest performance for all installations.
  • Fully controllable solution via Dali or DMX RDM enabling instant lighting, stepped illumination levels and event lighting with dynamic lighting scenarios.
  • Intuitive design for an ease of the installation process, with a quick fix connection box, as well as the multi-positionning fixations. Adjustable precision setting for accurate and fast brick tilting and orientation.

Materials and Finish

Body : die-cast aluminium painted dark sandy grey (close to RAL 7043)
Frame and stirrup : die-cast aluminium or sheet aluminium with very low copper content, painted dark sandy grey (close to RAL 7043)
Glass: 4mm toughened with anti-reflecting coating
Screws: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Stirrup fixed using different fixation points (one M20 screw or two M14 screws). Frame fixed to stirrup with M10 Hex screw with the possibility to move (100mm) the position horizontally (available only on 3 and 2 LED modules version). Tiltable LED modules fixed on frame via M8 Hex screws. Reversable stirrup allows hang down position and different mounting configurations including suspension, wall mounting, surface mounting, roof mounting. The LED modules are pre-wired to a distribution box with an easy clamping connection system.
Gearbox can be installed remotely up to 200m far from the luminaire and equipped with four different cable glands - 1 x M25 cable gland accepting cable diameter between 10 mm and 17 mm and wiring with plug-in terminals for wires up to 2,5mm² for mains supply (200-440V / 50÷60Hz), 2 x M16 cable glands accepting cable diameter between 5 mm and 10 mm for control IN/OUT and 1xM32 cable gland accepting cable diameter between 13 mm and 21 mm wiring with plug-in terminals for wires up to 2,5mm² (one cable of 7-cores at length of customer choice not supplied by Thorn and used for electrical connection to the floodlight - 8-cores for the use of the NTC) – and LED signal to indicate the status of the gearbox. Four holes in power supply housing corners allow different mounting options.
Precision aiming device available and adjustable on top or bottom of LED module.


To specify state:
High power LED floodlight for sport lighting and high mast area lighting. The floodlight offers a wide range of CCT/CRI/TLCI (3000K, 4000K and 5700K, CRI from 70 to 90+ and TLCI up to 90+) to cover all the applications needs and flicker free operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting. The floodlight allows to mix the optics and has tiltable LED modules to optimize lighting designs and minimize number of floodlights in an installation. Compact floodlight (30,8kg for three bricks version, 23kg for two bricks version, 18,7kg for two bricks version light bracket and 9,6kg for 1 brick version), highly resistant (IP66, IK08), available with 10 excellent lighting distribution. To be completed with compact (560x150x120mm including cable glands) and light (6,5kg) gearbox IP66 with DMX RDM or DALI control interface. Its housing made of die-cast aluminum with “fishbone” fins to guarantee a better thermal management in every single position and a full working range at ambient temperature -40°C/+45°C. Equipped in the frontal panel with LED signal to indicate the status of the gearbox. Lifetime greater than 50khrs. Surge level 10kV for Common mode and differential mode. Hot restrike and flicker-free up to 1000 frames per second (required for 100-50% output level) for HDTV camera. Can be installed on the bracket of the floodlight, inside the mast or remotely up to 200m from floodlight. Maximum driving current must be selected according to the constraint from the targeted application, advice may be obtained from your local representative.
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Altis, 1 module

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ALG4 144L105-740 PST NB ANTLED9.2896672072
ALG4 144L120-740 PST NB ANTLED9.2896672071
ALG4 144L70-740 PST NB ANTLED9.2896672074
ALG4 144L85-740 PST NB ANTLED9.2896672073

Altis, 2 modules

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ALG4 288L105-740 PST NBNB ANTLED23.3096679378
ALG4 288L120-740 PST NBNB ANTLED23.3096671519
ALG4 288L70-740 PST NBNB ANTLED23.3096679380
ALG4 288L85-740 PST NBNB ANTLED23.3096679379

Altis, 3 modules

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
ALG4 432L105-740 PST NBNBNB ANTLED30.9096679375
ALG4 432L120-740 PST NBNBNB ANTLED30.9096671499
ALG4 432L70-740 PST NBNBNB ANTLED30.9096679377
ALG4 432L85-740 PST NBNBNB ANTLED30.9096679376

Altis, gearbox

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