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Champion / ALTISLEDG3 GB 264L105 200-440 RDMX LA


Data Sheet

Class I, 1000W constant current DMX RDM programmable gearbox, with 2 independant output channels and IP66 enclosure, for TV broadcasting applications. Suitable for dedicated 264 LED Altis and Champion floodlight, to be installed remotely up to 200m from the floodlight. Nominal input voltage: 200-440, output current 1050mA with DMX RDM configurable single-channel, IEEE 1789 flicker recommended practice compliant suitable for super slow motion camera filming, surge level 10kV for both common mode and differential.

Connection from mains via terminal blocks. Mains supply must be fused according to local safety regulations.

Weight: 5.4 kg

  • CB
  • CE
  • ENEC
  • GLedReP
  • IK08
  • IP66
  • RCM
  • Electrical class I