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Distinctive and elegant, Contrast range emphasises modern architecture and urban environment

  • The entire family appears in a consistent and long-lasting modern design. With the monochrome black front face, the design of the Contrast cites the typical attributes of powerful optical instruments.
  • From compact 4 LED spotlight to powerful 52 LED floodlight, Contrast offers a large choice of colour temperature from very warm 2200K to 4000K, balanced white and RGBW to reach the perfect colour.
  • An easy control of the light with DALI2 for whites and RDMX for RGBW. You can also select manual dimming with a discreet push button or bluetooth wireless dimming to manage your installation from your smartphone.
  • The 4LED mini Contrast is very compact with an integrated driver (whites only) and a single lens to achieve great colour mixing.
  • Contrast is available with narrow to ultra wide beam angles, elliptical and asymmetrical beams. A great choice of nicely designed accessories can be added on site: rotative film diffusers to enlarge the choice of beam angles; honey comb, louvre and visor.
  • Installation on pole is simplified with a dedicated pole mounting interface specifically designed for 12 LED Contrast.

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium (EN AC-44300) best resistance against corrosion. Compatible with seaside installation. (Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012).
Powder coated in texturized anthracite grey / light grey / black / white. Other RAL on request.
Breather .
Glass: tempered glass, 5mm thick.
Gasket: EPDM.
Screws: geomet screws.

Installation and Mounting

4L and 12L Contrast are equiped with a rotative foot for 360° horizontal roation, 36L and 52L Contrast are equipped with a stirrup. Vertical tilting of -70° +80°.

4L Contrast white: with integrated driver prewired with 1x2 metres cable.
Balanced white and RGBW: prewired with 1 or 2x 2metres cable, Gearbox must be ordered separately.
Bluetooth or DALI light management available in remote gearbox to be ordered separately.
2 cables glands with connector for loop in loop out when using a remote box.
No LED module replacement.

12L, 36L and 52L: integrated driver ,2 cable glands for whites, 4 cable glands for RGBW.
Cable glands for Ø8-13mm cable.
No LED module replacement.

Optical accessories to be screwed on the front ring. film diffusers can be rotated for precise beam positioning.
Pole mounting interface for 12L Contrast for pole diameter 60 to 100mm.


To specify state:
A complete range of floodlights to cover architectural projects and area lighting projects from a pole. The range offers a very large choice of colour temperatures, lighting controls and accessories. Design is constantly applied to all fittings and accessories. The 4L is designed with a multichip led and a single lens to achieve great colour mixing and compactness. Integrated driver for all sizes except 4L balanced white, RGBW, DALI and bluetooth variant with remote gear boxes to be ordered separately. Surge protection 6kV and 10kV. Dedicated bracket for pole mounting to become an architectural feature of the city.
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Contrast Small

Contrast Medium

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CONT3 12L105 722 WB HFX 6K ANT412767LED5.1092925835
CONT3 12L105 830 AS HFX SP ANT413199LED5.1296633446
CONT3 12L105 830 MB SWD 6K ANT413457LED5.0096633445
CONT3 12L105-830 NB HFX 6K ANT413887LED5.0796633444
CONT3 12L105-830 NB HFX SP BK413887LED5.0796633669
CONT3 12L70-RGBW NB RDMX SP ANT321641LED5.0996633447

Contrast Large

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CONT3 36L105 722 WB SWD 6K ANT1178253LED13.1092926511
CONT3 36L105 722-840 NB HFX SP ANT11811427LED13.2096633529
CONT3 36L105 827 NB SWD 6K ANT11710212LED13.1592929558
CONT3 36L105-722-840 NB HFX 6K ANT11811427LED13.1096633693
CONT3 36L105-827 AS HFX 6K ANT1179109LED13.0096633450
CONT3 36L105-827 MB SWD 6K ANT1179022LED13.1096633454
CONT3 36L105-830 MB HFX 6K ANT11710437LED13.1096633455
CONT3 36L105-830 NB HFX 6K ANT11711814LED13.1096633453
CONT3 36L105-830 NB HFX SP BK11711814LED13.2096633670
CONT3 36L70 722-840 NB BC 6K ANT13.2096633531
CONT3 36L70 722-840 NB HFX 6K ANT778233LED13.2096636110
CONT3 36L70-RGBW NB RDMX SP ANT805030LED12.4496633530
CONT3 52L105 722 NB HFX 6K ANT16615347LED13.2092926643
CONT3 52L105 722-840 NB HFX SP ANT16616410LED13.1096633461
CONT3 52L105-722-840 NB HFX 6K ANT16616410LED13.1096633459
CONT3 52L105-827 NB HFX 6K ANT16614585LED13.2196633458
CONT3 52L105-830 NB HFX 6K ANT16616873LED13.2196633457
CONT3 52L105-830 NB HFX SP BK16616873LED13.1096633671
CONT3 52L70 722-840 NB HFX 6K ANT10912012LED13.1096636111
CONT3 52L70-RGBW NB RDMX SP ANT1137211LED12.6096633460
CONT3 52L90-830 NB HFX 6K ANT14115122LED13.2196634324

Contrast Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER EB 10x40° ANT0.8596635056
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER EB 10x40° BK0.8596633465
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER EB 1x60° ANT0.8596635054
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER EB 1x60° BK0.8596633463
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER UWB 55x55° ANT0.8596635055
CONT3 12L DIFFUSER UWB 55x55° BK0.8596633464
CONT3 12L HONEY COMB ANT0.9096635057
CONT3 12L HONEY COMB BK0.9096633478
CONT3 12L LOUVER ANT0.9596635058
CONT3 12L LOUVER BK0.9096633480
CONT3 12L POLE BRACKET ANT1.7496633482
CONT3 12L POLE BRACKET BK1.7496633484
CONT3 12L POLE BRACKET GY1.7496633483
CONT3 12L REC BOX GL 40x40x45 5421C3S22.0096634420
CONT3 12L VISOR ANT0.5096633470
CONT3 12L VISOR BK0.5096633476
CONT3 12L VISOR GY0.5096633473
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER EB 10x40° ANT1.8596635061
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER EB 10x40° BK1.8096633468
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER EB 1x60° BK1.8096633466
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER EB 1x60°ANT1.8096635059
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER UWB 55x55° ANT1.8596635060
CONT3 36/52L DIFFUSER UWB 55x55° BK1.8096633467
CONT3 36/52L HONEY COMB ANT1.8096635062
CONT3 36/52L HONEY COMB BK1.8096633479
CONT3 36/52L LOUVER ANT1.8096635063
CONT3 36/52L LOUVER BK1.8096633481
CONT3 36/52L REC BOX GL 65x53x47 5021C344.0096634418
CONT3 36/52L REC BOX GL 65x65x54 5324C3M58.0096634421
CONT3 36/52L VISOR ANT0.7596633471
CONT3 36/52L VISOR BK0.7596633477
CONT3 36/52L VISOR GY0.7596633474
CONT3 4L REC BOX GL 30x30x31 5621C3XS14.0096634419
CONT3 4L VISOR ANT0.1096633469
CONT3 4L VISOR BK0.1096633475
CONT3 4L VISOR GY0.1096633472