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GTLED Pro gears aluminium

  • GTLED Pro gears aluminium

Light that lasts - for any tunnel

  • Designed for long lasting performance suitable with the highest corrosion classification (C5) and no debris retention design
  • Light in weight, easy to handle, flexible in fixation - the gear box can be installed up to 200m away from the luminaire to offer safe installation and maintenance
  • One single gear box can feed up to 20 luminaires for optimization of the material installed and reduction of the structure constraints
  • Dimming on the control gear possible via DALI or Pilot Line
  • Pre-wired with connector for a fast error free plug to the luminaire

Materials and Finish

Body: die cast aluminium ENAC 44200
Brackets: steel 316L
Finish: powder painted texturised light grey

Installation and Mounting

Fixation onto the structure (e.g. ladder) via 2 brackets (supplied) by the means of screws (not supplied)
Power in cabling via one dedicated cable gland - power out (through wiring) via another dedicated cable gland
DALI in cabling via one dedicated cable gland - DALI out via another dedicated cable gland
Ready to plug to the luminaire with the pre-wired and fitted corresponding connector

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