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Thorn offers a comprehensive package of services allowing us to create a tailor-made solution for every customer.

•    Turnkey project planning from a single point of contact
•    Financing options to reduce risk and upfront cost
•    Technical and maintenance services
•    Digital services that reveal valuable new insights on your operations

A one-stop shop
As technology advances, lighting systems just keep getting more and more complex.  That is why our service portfolio meets the growing demand for professional project management of turnkey lighting solutions - and all from one single supplier. That includes ‘light as a service’ contracts as well as our worldwide professional technical support and maintenance services.

Taking care of everything
Whether you require a particular service package or a full turnkey lighting solution, we aim to meet the individual needs of every customer. We support our customers all the way from the initial handshake to the implementation of the lighting and beyond, with ongoing maintenance and technical care.

Our service packages:


Turnkey services: Lighting from A to Z

From specifications through to project management and installation, including maintenance on request, we cover everything you need for a perfect lighting solution – all from one source, which means minimum hassle.

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Today’s connected lighting offers potential to use light in new ways, and reap new benefits from the intelligent lighting network. Whether you’re a building user, facility manager or service technician, getting the most out of a smart lighting management system means understanding how it works and how to use it. Thorn’s training opportunities will help you do just this.

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Financing services: We look after the lights, you focus on your job

We know you’ve got other things on your plate apart from lighting. That’s why we manage the whole renewal or new implementation of your lighting, so you can focus on your business, in the knowledge that you’re getting state-of-the-art lighting that pays for itself.

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Technical and maintenance services: Setup and forget

Our maintenance services team offers efficient and reliable support to keep your lights on – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes commissioning, lifecycle management and training. We create a custom offer to you.

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Connected outdoor lighting with UrbaSens

UrbaSens, our intelligent outdoor lighting system, empowers you to control a whole city from a simple dashboard. Dim lights up and down automatically, or seamlessly adapt light levels to traffic flows, weather conditions, events or accidents - all while gathering data that opens up new opportunities for your city.

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Digital services: Smart lighting with IoT

Digitalisation has made lighting intelligent and connected. Our digital services experts use this tech to empower you with a new perspective on your building, identifying new value propositions and opportunities for efficiencies, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).