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Light as a service - The latest lighting without the upfront cost

Light as a service - The latest lighting without the upfront cost

Need a new lighting solution, but without the big investment hurdle that comes with it? Thorn has the answer. With our finance services, you don’t need to make a big one-off investment in luminaires and other hardware. Instead, we provide you with an individual service contract at a fixed monthly rate. The result? You benefit from the latest lighting technology and ongoing service and support, with minimal capital outlay.

The benefits

  • No investment: It’s lighting, with no need to shell out for the actual lights. Instead, you just pay for your lighting as a service, at a fixed monthly rate. Our service contracts guarantee you a modern, optimised and highly efficient lighting solution, without big investment hurdles.
  • An expert partner: In Thorn, you have an experienced and trusted partner with decades of technical knowhow at your side. We guarantee you a consistent service level at uniform conditions. We can also help you seek and apply for grants or other support that may be available for energy-saving projects.
  • All-round service: Our services cover project management, planning, assembly, disassembly, commissioning and regular maintenance. No need to worry about any of the usual tasks related to the lighting - we’ll take care of it all.
  • Better light, better productivity: Our financing service enables you to keep your lighting right up-to-date. Good lighting supports more productive working conditions and enhances wellbeing in the workplace. That means your employees work more effectively, make fewer mistakes and achieve more for the business.
  • Immediate energy savings: You start saving money as soon as your new lighting system becomes operational. The fixed monthly rate comes out of the money you save on energy, allowing you to free up your capital for other investments.
  • Improved light quality: Our LED lighting solutions with specially developed optics improve light quality for better atmosphere, visual perception and comfort.
  • A green solution: Installing an efficient lighting system is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental footprint, by getting your energy consumption and your CO2 emissions down. Any obligations related to CO2 emissions will also be reduced.
  • Leave behind obsolete lighting: Older, inefficient types of lighting are gradually being phased out by new environmental regulations. With our finance services, you’ll always have the latest technology, keeping you ahead of the curve.

How it works

Our finance services suit many different applications. See how a state-of-the-art lighting solution can have a positive effect on numerous parameters in these applications – all of it with minimal capital outlay, or none at all.

Thorn will organise the entire planning of your new lighting system from the very beginning.

  1. An expert from our team visits the site to collect key information about the existing lighting. This initial audit provides a prediction of how much money your business could save. 
  2. Following the completion of a joint declaration of intent, a team of lighting, electrical, installation and maintenance experts puts together a comprehensive specification and a detailed plan for the implementation of a tailored financing solution. 
  3. Specialists look after the removal of the old luminaires and light sources, deliver and install the new lighting solution and then get the whole system into operation. 
  4. Once your lights are up and running, the full-service package takes care of the entire lighting solution – including any necessary maintenance and repair work.  


Is our financing service right for your business?

If any of the following sounds familiar, then our financing service may be the ideal solution for your business.

  • Your lighting is outdated: Your lighting system is more than 5 years old and uses conventional lamp technologies such as HQL, HQI, HAST or T26 perhaps in combination with obsolete magnetic ballasts.
  • Energy consumption is high: Lots of inefficient luminaires running for long operating hours, can add up to a big monthly energy bill - especially if you don’t have controls to automatically turn off or dim lights when they’re not needed.
  • Maintenance is expensive: The essential replacement of defective light sources, ballasts and whole luminaires in difficult-to-reach places is costing you time, money and manpower.
  • Light quality isn’t good enough: Insufficient light levels, unsatisfactory colour reproduction and uneven light distribution: all factors that lead to a poor atmosphere, higher error rates, tired employees and, ultimately, lower productivity. 
  • Your budget is already planned: You have recently invested in things that are core to your business - like machinery or product development. There is simply no budget available for a big upfront investment in new lighting.

How much could you save?

With just a little information about how you currently use lighting, we can estimate how much you stand to gain from switching to light as a service.

  1.  Your current electricity price
  2. The operating hours of your system  

It’s also helpful to know your current maintenance costs, your lighting inventory, the function of the spaces covered (e.g. office, warehouse), and a plan of the building (ideally as * .dwg or * .dxf)