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Turnkey Service

Quite simply, everything you need

Quite simply, everything you need

Key benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Designing, installing and maintaining a new lighting system can be tricky. With our turnkey service offer, you get state-of-the-art lighting at a competitive price - and with the peace of mind that Thorn will manage and deliver the whole project for you.
  • Save time, money and hassle: One signature on one contract - and then one person will take care of your entire lighting project. That means less time chasing lots of different contractors and more time concentrating on your core business.
  • Ongoing service: Once your new system is up and running, we’ll also maintain it for you. Plus we can help you squeeze out even more value through Digital Services.

How it works:

From A to Z: Thorn will support and guide you through a project from the very beginning to the very end. We take responsibility for managing the entire project, helping take a real weight off your shoulders.

Step by step: Every phase of a lighting project requires careful attention to detail - which is why we take the best possible care of your lighting solution.

1.    We do the planning

  • First we check the initial requirements and, if necessary, conduct an analysis of the existing installation
  • Next we develop a concept draft and come up with a tailor-made offer

2.    We look after the project management

  • We draw up a full implementation plan and a detailed lighting concept
  • We coordinate your project partners and guide you through the project

3.    We take care of the installation

  • We deliver the lighting equipment
  • We install the new luminaires and controls, and remove and recycle old equipment if necessary

4.    We handle the commissioning

  • We help get your lighting solution fully up and running
  • Finally, we make a thorough check that everything’s working just as it should