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Waterfront Place, Brisbane, Australia

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  • Lamp efficacy

    Lamp efficacy

    Ensuring the lamp efficiently converts electricity into light (lm/W).

  • Ballast classification

    Ballast classification

    Controlling the electricity supply to the lamp (Energy Efficiency Index).

  • Luminaire distribution

    Luminaire distribution

    Controlling light emission using optics which bend and shape the light to the correct location.

  • System efficacy

    System efficacy

    The combination of a highly efficacious light source with precision optics ensures light is produced with minimal energy input and directed to the required task location accurately and efficiently, providing the correct light with low energy use.

  • Presence/absence detection

    Presence/absence detection

    Sensa controls detect when the space is empty and automatically turn the lights off to prevent energy being wasted.

  • Daylight detection

    Daylight detection

    Artificial lighting which responds to the natural light conditions.

  • Constant illuminance

    Constant illuminance

    Constant illuminance controls monitor the illuminance on the task area to ensure only the required level of artificial light is produced. By balancing daylight ingress and the variation of light output from the luminaire using dimming, energy is saved while preserving the lit scene.

  • Task-scene setting

    Task-scene setting

    Allowing the user to set scenes and adapt the lighting to different tasks.

  • Timed off

    Timed off

    Automatic cut-off can be installed to turn all lights off during unoccupied hours.

  • Task lighting

    Task lighting

    Lighting task areas with the correct amount of light.

  • Zoning of lighting

    Zoning of lighting

    Lighting is zoned according to area use.

  • Maintenance schedule

    Maintenance schedule

    Maintenance must be performed in response to product age, performance and environment.

  • Waste light

    Waste light

    Eliminating waste light which does not hit the intended target.

  • Reflectance


    Taking advantage of light which is reflected from the surface within the space.

  • Visible smart metering

    Visible smart metering

    Results of actions can be quickly seen as increased or decreased energy use to encourage responsible energy consumption.

Custom Thorn fitting brings energy efficiency for Brisbane's Waterfront Place

Home to some of Australia’s most influential private and government offices, Waterfront Place is arguably Brisbane’s most iconic and desirable business address. The building offers premium positioning and sweeping uninterrupted views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge.

The Waterfront Place Property Management team is proactive and committed to continually improving the building's energy efficiency. With Thorn having developed a T5 fluorescent troffer to replace T8 luminaires in 2006, the team approached Thorn once again in 2012. This time they wanted to upgrade the 3x14W T5 fluorescent troffer luminaires, which were providing general office area lighting, to 600x600mm LED luminaires.

Custom fitting to meet unique demands

The project was won based on Thorn’s ability to provide professional support for developing a custom fitting with the specific lumen package to minimise energy consumption and maintenance. This included specific LED board design, prototypes and photometric tests.

As well as providing a one-for-one replacement of the existing T5 fitting, the LED luminaire had to incorporate air slots to allow the building’s air conditioning system to function correctly. In effect, this meant a smaller area of illuminated panel to allow effective air slots to be incorporated.

A key objective driving the lighting refurbishment was to achieve a Tenancy Lighting Energy Efficiency Assessment rating of ‘Excellent’ in order to obtain a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC).

More than 33% energy savings

With the custom fitting successfully developed and installed, energy consumption has been reduced from approximately 8.7W/m2 to 5.7W/m2, saving more than 33%. This has not only enabled Waterfront Place to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating and BEEC certificate, but also provides significant financial savings for the tenants. With less air conditioning heat load, it also positively impacts the NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rating for the building, which currently holds a 4.5-Star NABERS Energy Rating.

Barry Hanrahan, Project Lighting Consultant Queensland at Thorn, says: “Being able to assist both end user and electrical engineer to achieve a truly Performance Efficiency Comfort (PEC) solution has been very gratifying. Through multiple prototypes and feedback both the strict parameters and client expectations were met.”

According to Rod Martin, Senior Facilities Manager at Waterfront Place “The Thorn LED Fitting is a market leading product and assists Waterfront Place to continually provide premium quality services to our tenants, who ultimately reap the benefits through lower operating and maintenance costs.”

Key Facts – LED vs T5:

  • Total energy saving: 33%
  • Total carbon emission saving: 1.022 tonnes/annum
  • Total financial saving: 2,527 AUD/annum
  • Forecast lifetime net cost savings: $44,190
  • Payback time: 2.5 years
  • Lighting level before: 320 lux
  • Lighting level after: 372 lux
  • Uniformity: 0.7