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The expressway public staircase, Paris France

  • The expressway public staircase, Paris, France
  • The expressway public staircase, Paris, France
  • The expressway public staircase, Paris, France
  • The expressway public staircase, Paris, France
  • The expressway public staircase, Paris, France
  • Lamp efficacy

    Lamp efficacy

    Lamp efficacy is important because the amount of light emitted from a lamp (in lumens) compared to the amount of power used by the lamp to produce it (in Watts) is key for energy efficiency. Satin 2 has a high lamp efficacy.

  • Ballast classification

    Ballast classification

    Controlling the electricity supply to the lamp (Energy Efficiency Index).

  • Luminaire distribution

    Luminaire distribution

    The choice of light distributions offered by Satin 2 allows the desired lighting effect to be created while maximising useful light and without creating nuisances.

  • System efficacy

    System efficacy

    Combining optical and thermal control within the luminaire (luminaire lm/W).

  • Presence/absence detection

    Presence/absence detection

    Presence: Lights automatically turn on/off with movement. Absence: Lights automatically turn off and must be manually switched on.

  • Daylight detection

    Daylight detection

    Artificial lighting which responds to the natural light conditions.

  • Constant illuminance

    Constant illuminance

    A function designed to produce correct light levels for the duration of the maintenance period.

  • Task-scene setting

    Task-scene setting

    The use of dimmable luminaires in conjunction with scene setting controls allows the correct lighting levels to be set for the task in hand, ensuring energy is used efficiently.

  • Timed off

    Timed off

    Automatic cut-off can be installed to turn all lights off during unoccupied hours.

  • Task lighting

    Task lighting

    Lighting task areas with the correct amount of light.

  • Zoning of lighting

    Zoning of lighting

    Lighting is zoned according to area use.

  • Maintenance schedule

    Maintenance schedule

    Maintenance must be performed in response to product age, performance and environment.

  • Waste light

    Waste light

    Eliminating waste light which does not hit the intended target.

  • Reflectance


    Taking advantage of light which is reflected from the surface within the space.

  • Visible smart metering

    Visible smart metering

    Results of actions can be quickly seen as increased or decreased energy use to encourage responsible energy consumption.

Offering magnificent historical views including those of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Place de la Concorde, the banks of the Seine river are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The expressway is a staircase which is situated on the Seine riverbank, descending from the Quai Anatole France and the Musée d'Orsay down to the river. It can accommodate more than 600 people at any one time and is conveniently located for visitors and locals alike to pause, rest and enjoy the wonderful view of Paris.

Thorn's Satin 2 floodlight was chosen to illuminate the 30m wide expressway, mounted under the steps to reveal the dramatic structure while ensuring pedestrian safety.

For the expressway, a combination of two pre-cabled Satin 2 strips incorporating intensive and extensive light distributions with a 3200K colour temperature were used. Compact, discreet and linear, Satin 2 subtly blends into the architecture while its efficient LEDs ensure low energy consumption as well as instant start and scene setting, with no warm up or adjustment time.

The new lighting scheme benefits from two operation modes: basic and event. The basic mode is for everyday lighting and has a good transition between the road (20 lux) and platform (10 lux) to prevent pedestrians' vision having to adjust while walking down steps. Similarly, it also prevents dazzle or distraction to drivers. The street lighting and step lighting have the same on/off controller to harmonise switching and reduce the number of controls to maintain.

Offering a greater level of control and flexibility the event mode is controlled manually. Importantly, Satin 2 is compliant with ERP requirements both with current and currently defined future requirements for longevity.

Key facts

• Intensive and extensive light distributions achieve the desired lighting effect
• Two modes of operation for everyday and event lighting
• Compliant with both current and currently defined ERP requirements for longevity