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Outdoor Inspirations

Great outdoor illumination is about providing the right light for people, places and the environment. But it’s easier said than done. That’s why we’ve brought together examples of some of the world’s most inspiring outdoor lighting projects, to demonstrate what Thorn outdoor lighting products can achieve, in applications ranging from parks and plazas to roads and tunnels. Take a look and find inspiration to guide you on your next big outdoor lighting challenge.

Light for facades, monuments and bridges


Great outdoor illumination turns the city into a stage at night, setting the scene for memorable experiences.

Light for building surrounds


Light can transform how a business is seen and approached, supporting orientation and wayfinding, turning surrounding areas into spaces to meet and relax.

Light for parks, plazas and promenades


With the right lighting, everyone can get more out of open spaces.

Light for urban and residential streets


The streets where we live and work require thoughtful lighting design that strikes a balance.

Light for roads


Light can help make roads an integral part of the modern cityscape, putting light where it’s needed while protecting nature and the night sky.

Light for transportation


Light can also help turn transport hubs into leisure venues, making them welcoming and characterful.

Light for tunnels


Great tunnel lighting helps tunnel users stay safe and comfortable, while keeping maintenance and energy costs low.

Light for sports


Sports lighting must illuminate the event clearly for participants and fans.