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Our next generation office luminaire features intelligent innovation in 4 key areas, design, optic, control and installation

  • Design: simple and flowing lines create a modern but simplistic aesthetic perfect for an elegant office interior
  • Optics: innovative MV tech optic designed by our expert optical team offers excellent uniformity and glare control, direct/indirect light for illuminance on faces and walls to encourage a comfortable, communicative working environment
  • Controls: integrated sensors allow you to create flexible controls systems suited to your needs. We have introduced a wireless RF solution for easy retro fit with no rewiring. Also available are integrated PIR and microwave sensors
  • Installation: with our new red flag design you can easily access the pull up set from below the ceiling without the need to remove the optics from the product, allowing for a more secure fixing to the ceiling

Materials and Finish

Frame and end caps: polycarbonate
Diffuser: polycarbonate (TPa), aluminium designed heatsink
Body: highly reflective steel coffer
Gear tray: pre-coated white steel

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for lay in, with accessory suitable for pull up into concealed grid and plasterboard ceilings.


To specify state:
A lightweight recessed luminaire for exposed T, plasterboard and concealed grid systems with MV tech optic. LED indirect light source. 3000K/4000K/6500K colour temperature, CRI>80 and a lifetime of 50 000 hours @ L90 Ta 25°C including high efficiency at 103 Llm/W, UGR<19. With control systems, PIR, MWS, RF.
As Thorn IQ Wave.

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IQ Wave

IQ Wave configured articles

IQ Wave configured articles, emergency

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IQ WAVE LED3100-830 R2M E3 Q597 MRE303050LED4.4092900337
IQ WAVE LED3100-840 R2M E3 Q597 MRE303200LED4.4096628316
IQ WAVE LED4100-830 R2M E3 Q597 MRE404050LED4.4092900338
IQ WAVE LED4100-840 R2M E3 Q597 MRE404250LED4.4096628317

IQ Wave configured articles, dimmable

IQ Wave, dimmable, emergency

IQ Wave accessory