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Chalice 74

  • Chalice 74

The IP65 and fire-rated downlight completes our Chalice range with a smaller size for demanding environments

  • IP65 from below for installation in moist environments like bathrooms
  • Tool-free and flexible installation with completely detachable connector box
  • Exchangeable lens and bezel for customisation on site

Materials and Finish

Housing/body material: steel with aluminium heatsink covered with a PC cap
Lens material: PMMA
Bezel material: die-cast aluminium
Bezel finish: matt white, gloss white, matt black, chrome, brushed aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Chalice 74 can be installed directly from the box into a wide range of ceiling types including thicknesses from 1mm – 25mm.
Equipped with a detachable connector which allows an easy and toolfree pre-wiring via push-fit terminal block.


To specify state:
A ceiling recessed, fire-rated, LED downlight with IP65 as standard.
Fixed output. Correlated colour temperature is 3000/4000K with CRI>80 and a chromaticity tolerance of 3.
Luminaire is available in two lumen packages 550lm and 900lm.
Overall height <100mm and a cut out of 74-80mm. Lifetime is 50,000 hours (L70) at Ta 25°C.
As Thorn Chalice 74

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Chalice 74

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CHAL 74 LED550-830 WFL IP65 WHM7600LED0.3096631503
CHAL 74 LED550-840 WFL IP65 WHM7600LED0.3096631504
CHAL 74 LED900-830 WFL IP65 WHM9900LED0.4096631505
CHAL 74 LED900-840 WFL IP65 WHM9950LED0.4096631506

Chalice 74 attachments

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CHAL 74 LENS FL0.0296631516
CHAL 74 LENS WFL0.0296631513
CHAL 74 LENS WW0.0296631515
CHAL 74 TRIM AL0.0496631509
CHAL 74 TRIM BKM0.0496631511
CHAL 74 TRIM CR0.0496631508
CHAL 74 TRIM WH0.0496631510
CHAL 74 TRIM WHM0.0496631507