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Urban Life Lighting

Urban life lighting is about respecting the feel of the city by day, and inspiring people to explore and enjoy it at night. Whether it’s a welcoming public plaza, a carefully lit landmark facade or streetlights that show the way clearly and comfortably, Thorn lighting solutions define and open up urban spaces after dark, providing the right light for people, places and the environment.

NightTune - whitepaper

NightTune whitepaper FC EN
This document considers the benefits that NightTune offers for dark skies, human wellbeing and wildlife.

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5 things great urban lighting should do

It’s about more than just seeing the way

Urban Life Lighting Video

Great outdoor lighting turns the city into a stage at night. Whether it’s a plaza, a landmark façade or a residential street, we create light that does justice to architecture and the urban environment, giving definition and identity to outdoor spaces.

Webinar: How to light urban spaces - best practice

Do you want to know how to inspire and encourage people to explore urban spaces at night? Watch our webinar recording!

Cosenza, Italy

Light makes Cosenza’s new bridge a true landmark

Outdoor Inspirations

We have brought together examples of some of the world’s most inspiring outdoor lighting projects, to demonstrate what Thorn outdoor lighting products can achieve, in applications ranging from parks and plazas to roads and tunnels.

How lighting controls can transform the city at night

Easy ways to save energy, prevent light pollution, and make your city more liveable

Oslo, Norway

Thorn refurbishes City of Oslo lighting with efficient LEDs and smart controls

LIVE THE NIGHT – our Urban life lighting guide

The following guide provides an overview of key aspects to consider when planning and designing a lighting installation for urban spaces with careful design, quality lighting and future-proof solutions.

Layers of light – how to construct great urban illumination

Putting together a truly effective urban lighting design means going beyond the functional

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Göppingen, Germany

Green light for Göppingen


A new light mixing technology created by Thorn