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Avenue F2

  • Avenue F2
  • Avenue F2

Timeless post top decorative lantern for urban and residential streets

  • Choice between asymmetrical and symmetrical light distribution
  • High performance street optic, optimised for Cosmopolis and metal halide lamps, providing a good colour rendering and optimised spacings
  • Dimming and Telea management options to optimise energy consumptions
  • Complete family with coordinated columns and wall version

Materials and Finish

Base and arms: die cast aluminium (LM6)
Canopy: spun aluminium
Finish: powder coated dark sandy grey 900 (close to RAL7043) for external parts, white RAL9016 for inner parts
Diffuser: clear UV stabilised PC with sand blasted anti glare band for symmetrical conventional version or without for other variants
Reflector (street distribution): high reflective anodised aluminium
Screw fixings: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Post top mounting, spigot Ø60mm (length: 100mm) or UK Ø76mm (length: 100mm). Recommended height: 3/4m. Dedicated range of columns and brackets. Access to lamps and gear via 3 screws below the bowl. Pre-wired versions available with connector or 4m HO5 VVF cable. Delivered ready to install, complete with factory fitted integral gear, all supplied in one carton.


To specify state:
IP66 post top decorative aluminium lantern for 26/32/42W TC-TEL, 50/70/100W HSE/HST, 35/70/100W HIE, 45/60/90W HIT-CE lamps, powder coated dark grey finish, with street or symmetrical optics, dimming and Telea management and coordinated decorative columns.
As Thorn Avenue F2.

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Avenue F2 With conventional gear

Avenue F2 With conventional gear, street optic

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AVENUE F2 50/70W HID E27 CL2 STR N4MST/MTE2710.0096260104
AVENUE F2 70/50W HID E27 230V CL2 STRST/SE/MT/MEE279.7096260103
AVENUE F2 70W HIT-CE E27 CL1 STR D76 LIMTE279.1096260038
AVENUE F2 70WHIT-CE E27 CL1 PM STRD76 LIMTE279.2096260039

Avenue F2 With electronic gear

Avenue F2 With electronic gear, street optic

Avenue F2 With power reduction and controls

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
AVENUE F2 100W/BP7 HIDE E40 CL2ST/MTE4010.0096260083
AVENUE F2 100W/LDC HIDE E40 CL2ST/MTE4010.3096260086
AVENUE F2 70W/BP7 HIDE 2,5kV E27 CL1ST/MTE278.7096260077
AVENUE F2 70W/BP7 HIDE 2,5kV E27 CL2ST/MTE278.7096260081
AVENUE F2 70W/BP7 HIDE 2,5kV E27 CL2 N4MST/MTE279.1096260082
AVENUE F2 70W/BP7 HIE-CE E27 CL1 D76 LIE278.8096260030
AVENUE F2 70W/LDRF HIDE CL2ST/MTE279.7096260084

Avenue F2 With power reduction and controls, street optic