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Simple and elegant post-top luminaire solution, ideal for refurbishment projects

  • A contemporary design created with Dark Sky principles in mind, offering <1% ULOR
  • A robust and reliable lantern with an integrated surge protection device
  • Simplified control via onboard switch to adjust the lumen output intensity to suit the application
  • Supplied pre-wired and with tool-free access to the luminaire for ease of installation and ongoing maintenance

Materials and Finish

Canopy and brackets: die cast aluminium
Finish: powder coated anthracite
Enclosure: tempered glass
Standard corrosion class C3 according to ISO 9223: 2012.

Installation and Mounting

Luminaire: Supplied complete and ready to install, in a single box. Mounting on a standard 60mm column at 3 to 4,5 meters height. Pre-wired with 4 meter cable for ease of installation. Tool-free opening at the top.


To specify state:
A performance lantern with <1% upward lighting emission available in 3000K. Ideal for building surrounds, residential and urban areas, parks and plazas.
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DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
NELLA 3000-730 R-S CL2 T60 ANT303642LED10.0096636345
NELLA 3000-730 STR-A CL2 T60 ANT293156LED10.0096636346