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  • Flow

Highly versatile LED solution for people in the urban environment

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Offering a high variety of mountings, tiltings, optics, dimming and control options to suit any urban application with a consistent design language
  • Giving a unique identity to the urban space with aesthetical ensembles
  • Designed to respect the biodiversity while delivering comfort and warm ambience (3000K, 2700K, 2200K)
  • Future proof luminaire with removable control gear and optic also compatible with any existing CMS options on the market thanks to the ZHAGA, 7 pin NEMA socket option
  • 10 kV surge protected as standard
  • OTHER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE (colour temperature, controls, colour...). See myProduct for configuration options

Materials and Finish

Housing, canopy, spigot: die-cast aluminium (MCA and MSU: EN AC-47100; others EN AC-44300). Screws treated with Geomet anti-galvanic coating. MTP, MTPA, MLE : standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012. Powder coated texturized anthracite grey (close to RAL7043), and 50 other RAL possibilities
Glass: 6 mm thick
Fixings: stainless steel - with anti-galvanic treatment

Installation and Mounting

Post top mounting : Ø60 or Ø76mm, adjustable tilt angle : 0° to +10° (5° steps)
Lateral mounting : Ø60 or Ø42mm, Adjustable tilt angle : -20° to +0° (5° steps)


To specify state:
Decorative LED lantern with great versatility. With up to15360 Lm, efficiency up to155 Lm/W. Offering 6 mounting variants : post top amenity, post top, lateral, suspended, wall mounted and catenary. Wide optical offer with efficient Street R-PEC and Area lighting optics, 26 light distributions (symmetrical and asymmetrical) with a performance clear or prismatic comfort variants. 4000K, 3000K, 2700K, 2200K color temperatures, as standard. Internal back light control louvre, as an option. 10KV surge protection, as standard. Street variant : post top mounting for diameter 60mm or 76mm, lateral mounting for diameter 60mm or 42 mm. Tilting possibilities from -20° to +10°. Amenity variant : post top mounting for diameter 60mm, 76mm with adaptator. Suspended through 34G. DALI and BS as standard, or LRT, PL, PN7 socket, ZU Zhaga socket up as standard, ZD Zhaga socket down (on request), ZUD Zhaga socket up & down (on request). ZD4i certified. Offering dedicated columns.
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Flow, narrow road optic, post top mounting

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
FW 12L105 740 NR CL1 T60F ANT415265LED8.5092934663
FW 12L105-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT415265LED8.5096635480
FW 12L35 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT151854LED8.4092922556
FW 12L35 740 NR CL2 T60F ANT152028LED8.4092942690
FW 12L35-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT152028LED8.5096635489
FW 12L50 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT202253LED8.5092922393
FW 12L50-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT202793LED8.5096635490
FW 12L50-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT202793LED8.0096635501
FW 12L70 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT283433LED8.5092918999
FW 12L70-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT283754LED8.5096635491
FW 12L70-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT283754LED8.0096635502
FW 24L105-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT7910219LED8.5096635495
FW 24L105-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT7910219LED8.5096635483
FW 24L35 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT283688LED11.1092932995
FW 24L35-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT284034LED8.5096635492
FW 24L35-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT284034LED8.5096635481
FW 24L50 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT385063LED8.5092926958
FW 24L50 740 NR CL2 T60F ANT385537LED8.5092940344
FW 24L50-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT385537LED8.5096635493
FW 24L70 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT526764LED11.1092923042
FW 24L70-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT527398LED8.5096635494
FW 24L70-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT527398LED8.5096635482
FW 36L105-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT11715360LED8.5096635500
FW 36L105-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT11715360LED8.5096635488
FW 36L35-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT396036LED8.5096635496
FW 36L35-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT396036LED8.5096635484
FW 36L50 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT557598LED8.5092934238
FW 36L50-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT558311LED8.5096635497
FW 36L50-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT558311LED8.5096635485
FW 36L70 730 NR BS 3550 CL2 T60F ANT7710157LED8.4892920032
FW 36L70-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT7711109LED8.5096635498
FW 36L70-740 NR CL2 T60F ANT7711109LED8.5096635486
FW 36L85-740 NR CL1 T60F ANT9312956LED9.2096635600

Flow, narrow road optic, post top amenity